Design apps?

Design apps?

Clients partner with us to fulfill design
needs for a simple monthly fee.

Our process

Request-based design

We keep your project moving forward by turning big ideas into focused,
manageable requests.

Submit a request

You'll be invited to a Trello board to submit and manage your design requests.

  • Dashboard design

  • Waitlist form

  • Dark mode for iOS app
  • Add a request

Get the designs

We'll complete design requests one by one, updating you within 48 hours.





Hey @jason, designs are set!


Mobile app

Approve or revise

We'll fine-tune the design with necessary revisions until it aligns with your vision.




Great! I have left a few comments in Figma 👀





Requested changes are ready




Excellent! 🙌

Client feedback

Micro stories

"Laurynas' design solutions, infused with human psychology, worked wonders by doubling the app's cross-selling conversion rate."

"Laurynas was fantastic to work with. He was highly communicative, collaborative, and responsive to our needs."

Micro membership


Ditch the hassle of hiring unreliable designers and embrace on-demand,
quality work with no heavy commitments.

Get paired with an
exceptional designer.

Receive designs and
updates every 48 hours.

We'll work until your needs
are met, one task at a time.

We'll revise the designs until
you're 100% satisfied.

Collaborate with us on
Slack and Figma.

Pause or cancel anytime

Why Micro?

Why Micro?

You're running a business and need design work. The old way? Sifting through portfolios, interviewing candidates, hiring, onboarding and then committing to a full-time salary, even when the workload is unpredictable.
Enter the new era with Micro: it's like having a top designer on speed dial, but without the heavy commitment. Pay monthly, get quality designs whenever you need them. It's that personal touch, minus the business headaches.
  • - Get started the same day
  • - Scale up or down as needed
  • - Pause or cancel anytime
In the last decade, we've collaborated with USA, UK, and European companies to design digital products. If you need a reliable partner committed to great design and productive collaboration, we believe we can be the right fit.

Laurynas Gailius

Founder, Product Designer



onboarding designs

Kickstart your project by copying & pasting stunning designs for iOS and Android.

Used by 18 000+ people

"Fabulous work. You just saved me so much time."



Figma user

"Amazing work and easy to use at all times."


Fazal Shah

Figma user


Got questions?
We've got answers!

Why not hire a designer full-time?
Hiring a full-time senior designer is expensive, costing on average €70,000 a year, not accounting for perks. Plus, finding the right person for the job can take a lot of time and effort. And honestly, there might be times in the year when there's just not enough work to keep a full-time designer busy.

Micro eliminates the hiring hassle and saves you money every month. You can start your design work right away and make progress from day one, without having to wait for weeks or months to initiate the project.
How quickly can we start?
After subscribing, we'll welcome you into a private Trello board and Slack channel where you can start making design requests immediately.
How quickly do you work?
For most requests, you can expect to receive a progress update within 2 business days. We work swiftly, often delivering updates even sooner.
Why no meetings or calls?
We've found a rhythm that respects everyone's time and energy. Instead of juggling schedules for meetings or calls, we lean heavily on straightforward written communication with tools like Slack and email. This approach not only saves time but also keeps our team focused and efficient. It has worked wonderfully for us, allowing us to deliver better results more quickly.
Is there a design requests limit?
Once subscribed, you're able to add as many design requests to your queue as you'd like, and they will be delivered one by one.
What if I don't like the design?
You have unlimited revisions at your disposal. We'll keep refining the design until it's exactly as you envisioned.
What if I run out of design requests?
No problem! You can pause your subscription until you have more design needs without wasting any unused time or money.
What software do you design in?
We use Figma for all design work.
How do I manage my subscription?
Once you sign up, we will send you a welcome email that includes all necessary information and a link to your client portal where you can manage your subscription details.

Feel free to contact us and ask questions!

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